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Welcome to the most concise Automotive Link Library available!


Here's where we store and display every automotive related website and web page we can find. They are filed in categories and listed alphabetically so you can find it easily and know where it is again and again.

Also, unlike search sites, they are not displayed by popularity or ranking because every one of them is equally important to us, on the front line of this industry.

This also means that many of the links published here may not show up in popular search sites, because the owners haven't 'optimized' the pages for search engine use or prefer to have these pages available only to our industry and not the general public.

This is why users must be logged in to have full use of the library. 

No need know the complex web address or have to use a search engine to find a web site that’s auto industry related because all listings on these pages have been organized by category and listed by their familiar brand or company name.

Just click on the name to visit their site.or the unique page.

But we didn't stop there. 

Since the purpose in creating ASBN and this library is to have it become your own business's "Web Portal", we have gone beyond what a normal directory provides;

  1. For the suppliers actively doing business in BC, we have linked their listing in the Link Library with the corresponding business entry in ASBN's Supplier Pages Directory. That way, you have direct, local contact information of the supplier or the local field representative.
  2. Instead of having only one or two people doing research to continue building the library, which is always limiting, we want all our members involved with updating the library as often as they want. That way it stays current and more useable every day.
  3. We do not charge for Link Lirary listings

How to use this Library

The pull-down menu at the top of every page will link you to all the major categories and sub-categories of the directory. 

Each page displayed will have alphabetical lists of direct links related to that category. Just click on the name and your there. 

That's it.

Beside some of the listings, you will see a link button under the heading 'More'. Click on it and it will take you to the Supplier Pages directory listing of that company that contains detailed local contact information of that company along with their message or advertisement that is focused for the BC market.

Adding a Listing to ASBN's Web Link Library

This is easy.

If you visit a site and you feel it has valuable information for others of this industry or you just want us to catalog it so you know where it is when you need it again;

  1. Place your curser over the address and highlight it (left mouse click)
  2. Copy the web address at the top of your browser (right mouse click or cntrl+c) . 
  3. Open up ASBN and make sure you're logged in
  4. Go to any page of the LInk Library and click on the blue button 'Add Your Links' and it will open a contact page.
  5. Paste your copied link into the body of the letter
  6. Add your contact information 
  7. Send it

We'll check it out and let you know where it was catalogged as soon as possible.

Or, you can paste it into the body of the contact'll find in About ASBN / Contact us

Also, if you have an idea of additional groups or categories are needed, just drop us a line with a few links on the topic.

A library is useful only if people use it and your input and your contributions to this directory will insure that.

If you are a supplier of products or services to this industry, please contact us if your link doesn't show up in the Link Library and you can also go directly to the Supplier Pages and add your listing. Your website will automatically be installed in the Link Library once reviewed.

Reporting Bad Links

Occasionally a web site gets a new name or moves to a new server and we don't know the address has changed until we try and view their site with the address we have.

Periodically we will run a program to test all these links to insure they are valid, but sometimes a few get through.

If you experience a bad link in any way, please let us know immediately buy using the same contact options or Click Here.

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