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To all Business Suppliers;

Do you want to promote your product or service to the businesses and individuals of the Automotive Service Industry?

How about just in British Columbia or, better yet, how about within one business region like Greater Vancouver or Columbia/Kootenay, for examples?

How about not having to align yourself with parts distibutors or not require a team of salespeople doing cold calls?

Until now, that has been nearly impossible.

ASBN; The Industry's Website

The Automotive Service Business Network was designed from the ground up as the industry's resource network to satisfy the information needs of every individual and business in all communities within this business market.

It is their 'Home Page' serving as the window to the Automotive Internet and their central link to all industry related websites and information platforms.

It is a major Resource Library for training, tips, videos and the list goes on.....

It is also a major communications network, connecting all individual members into one large family unit, to openly discuss issues and share knowledge.

It is FREE to all registered members in the ASBN community.

But, there is one group that requires special consideration for their contributions to this industry and that is you, our valued supplier. You supply us with parts, tools, equipment, services and the educatiion we need to do our jobs better and without you, we simply wouldn't be able to do our jobs at all.

We thank you.

Now, it's ASBN's job to make your job easier.

Just the fact of having all businesses and individuals of this industry (your potential customers) under one roof would be enough to open the marketing and advertising opportunities never before seen for commercial suppliers looking to connect with commercial customers.

But we're not stopping there.

We have an opportunity to really create something spectacular that will be the envy of all retail marketing giants because there is one ingredient they do not have and that is a symbiotic relationship between customer and supplier. We depend on each other for more than just the movement of products and services.

So, all of our programs and services will be designed to invite that realtionship to grow and flourish.

Yes, it is possible.

A Real Commercial Marketing Platform 

In the advertising world, selling ad space is totally dependant on readership statistics, because that is all they can offer. So, to put your mind at ease, over the last three years we have averaged 1.2 million hits and over 800,000 unique page views annually. That's not too shabby for an Automotive site, let alone a flegling company in only one market area.

These statistaics, although impressive, are still quite vague. But, it does instill confidence that we're moving in the right direction because this is what our industry needs and the word is starting to spread.

Now that the ground floor has been completed and we've delivering on our promise to the retail part of our industry, we can now build on it by creating a real Commercial Marketing Platform that really works for you.

You've heard all the buzz words describing marketing techniques like Business to Business, Business to Commercial and Commercial to Commercial but all were trying to develop something out of an internet system that was primarily made up of general consumers and we all know how those efforts turned out.

This platform is significantly differerent because the customer base is totally based on commercial customers and that means two things;

    • any efforts to reach your commercial customers is immediately rewarded and
    • Your messages can finally contain 'commercial information' without worrying about giving away trade secrets to the general consumer on the open internet

The Supplier Pages

The next phase brings our valued suppliers into the fold by not only offering advertising space, but incorporating this plan into a series of toolsyellow pages

that have additional value for your customers.

The first is a directory called The Supplier Pages.

Every shop requires a commercial directory at their fingertips to find suppliers from specialy parts and tools to business services and property maintenance. These cannot be found in any consumer directory and the drawer filled with business cards is certainly no help.

Every supplier wants to be known to exist and would prefer to be on that business's vender list but may not have the resouces to visit each and every business. So, it's only logical to create the Supplier Pages to have every single supplier of every business category listed and accessible by every commercial customer and, to make it real interesting and practical, every business card entry is free; renewed annually but free.

Yes, we also have full page directory ads to detail and promote your products and services and guess what....? It's highly affordable!

You would expect exclusive ads to be premium priced. But then, it would close the doors for the smallest of suppliers and that's just not right.

Here's how we've made it affordable for all;

  1. All ads share one basic design
  2. You enter your own information
  3. You update and maintain your own ad

(On a personal note, one good reason for the creation of the Supplier Pages is that we, on the front line of this industry, are sick and tired of not knowing who to talk to if we have a question or an issue with a product. "Talk to your parts supplier" has never been an answer.)

For more information on the Supplier Pages, CLICK HERE

Site Advertising

The next step in this plan is site advertising; but with some twists I think you'll like.

As you've seen, the site is divided into major groups; eg. The office, Tech Center and Tool Room. Not only will you be focusing your ads exclusively to the Automotive Service Industry, your ads can be placed in the categories that best match your target audience. This idea can also be extended to newsletters, blogs and featured articles.

What is also planned to be incorporated is your ads showing within the 10 geographic markets of your choice which is usefull if you do business in only a select few market regions or wish to focus your marketing plans into new regions.

Take note; this major step is still in the development stage and will be offered ONLY to suppliers pre-registered on ASBN. We will inform you through direct newsletters of our progress.    

Sponsor Resources

Many of you have tips, training material, and many other resources that are usefull to your customers but have no real way of delivering it. What better than to have these resources as part of the permanent libraries on ASBN? Or, better still, use the tools on ASBN to distribute them.

You want your customers to know that you go beyond just supplying a product. Offering additional resources will prove it.

Again, this program is still in development and you will be notified when it is released.


These are just some of the programs developed, or in development, that are designed to make your job easier of connecting with your customers and potential customers of the Automotive Service Industry, here in BC.

You will, for the first time, be able to reach every corner of this Province, and every business will be able to connect with you.

That's what a Commercial Marketing Platform should be able to do and together, we're the ones who will make it an enviable reality.  


How Do You Get Started?

Simple. There's only one way; Become part of this network by registering.

Once we have determined that you are part of, or affiliated with this industry, you will have full access.

Don't forget to click the checkbox for 'Supplier Newsletters'


Together, we will usher in a new era for the Automotive Service industry and the Aftermarket

reg now blue


Bob Paff

Marketing Director,

ASBN Publications

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